Monday, July 20, 2009

A Weekend of Good Lessons

This past Saturday, we saw some old friends that we don't see often enough. We laughed with them about things we used to laugh about and new things that we think are funny. Some of these people Daddy and I hadn't seen in over a year. But it was as if we just saw them last weekend. Even though so much has changed for all of us, there is still something that binds us together and that is the love of an old friendship. Isn't it interesting how the most effortless relationships are the ones that are most enjoyed?

On Sunday, we joined the rest of America at our local Costco. We picked up our usual list of toilet paper, paper towels and trash bags. We grabbed 3 of those enormously long hot dogs and a slice of pizza for lunch. We sat and watched the people go by. As we were checking out I saw something that made my heart ache and stirred up a nasty gut feeling.

This lady who was well into her late 70's or early 80's was pushing not only her husband in a wheelchair but also her Costco mack truck grocery cart alone. I'm going to name them Earl and Sharon Parker. For those of you who know Edisto, you know why. Anywho, Sharon had apparently made it up and down all 42 Costco aisles, gotten her water and detergent, along with several and I mean several other things and then pulled up on an checkout aisle where the attendant helped her put her items on the thing-a-ma-giggie. She was checked out and trying to get Earl to hold the reciept when I saw her. She would hand him the reciept. He would drop it. She would pick it up and try again. He would drop it. Finally she gave up and then started pushing. I watched while Sharon pushed past 4 checkout lanes and the little desk where the blind manager stands. I'm assuming she was blind because she looked in their direction but apparently couldn't see poor Sharon's strife.

At this point, I had enough. I told Lil' that she was going to have to hold it when she asked to go the potty and we took off towards The Parker's. I looked at Daddy and Daddy looked at me. I pulled his eyes over toward them and he knew what I had to do. I walked up to Sharon and said, "M'am, can I help you? I'm walking out your way and I can help you." She said, "Oh well yes, if you are going that way. Thank you." Lil and I push Earl as Sharon pushes her cart. Big picks up the reciept that Earl drops again along the way. Daddy follows up behind us with our cart. We all went through the backdoor lady's check and then Sharon said to the backdoor lady, "May I leave my cart here while I go get him in the car? The lady says smuggly, "Yea, sure." Sharon thanks us again and walks away with Earl. I'm disgusted. What is wrong with you? Have you no heart? No compassion? Stupid backdoor Costco lady. Stupid Checkout people. Stupid shoppers too busy to help. Stupid. Shameful. Stupid. Sorry but it was gross.

I say to the backdoor lady with my 2 kids, husband and cart in tow, "You know what, I'll help her. She's got her hands full and this stuff is heavy." The bd lady says smuggly, "Ok." I follow the Parker's to their car where Sharon was trying to pick Earl out of his wheelchair. I tell Sharon to punch her trunk and I put her things in there for her. Can I please remind everyone its the end of July and its freakin hot and poor Sharon is old and she's doing all of this alone? Anyway, I'm telling this story for a couple of reasons. 1 - It disgusts me how people will turn a blind eye to someone in need. Where is the love? If you are able, you should help. And 2 - If someone ever saw my sweet Grandparents in need and didn't help them, it would kill me.

I'm going to check on my Grandparents this week because Earl and Sharon Parker reminded me that I should. I'm also going to remember how much I treasure and love my friends. Old and new. I'm also going to remember this... In this world, there are really a very few things that are actually important and you learn them in Kindergarten. Be a good friend. Be respectful. Love your neighbors and your family.

It was a weekend of good lessons.


  1. Hey Mama, It was really good to see you Saturday! Wish we had had more time together to really catch up. I'll be trying to get the girls together in a few weeks and I'll give you a call....I PROMISE! Smitt Dogg

  2. Please do. Sooooo good to see ya'll. Have a good week!

  3. Yowza!! Trying to get tears to flow like the end of a movie on the "Lifetime" network? Hate I couldn't make the trip with you. Miss you terribly this week!!