Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scratchin' the Itch

You know those moments that you know are real but you still have to pinch yourself to believe? The Rucci's had one this weekend and it was a good one. A super good one.

Every May, Daddy gets the itch to buy a boat. Every May we take the kids and go look at boats. Every May we hope and wish. It just hasn't been the right time or the right boat. But this May... oh boy... this May... it was the right everything!

Last Friday, he came home with a big gigantic enormous unbelievable surprise!! Daddy got the itch and he scratched it!

Luke catching a 12" Trout in the castnet off the dock.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Little Big Things

Lately I've been carrying a heavy heart about how grown-up Big and Lil' have gotten all of the sudden. They take care of themselves for the most part, get their own drinks and snacks, dress themselves, tie their shoes and decide what they are going to wear. I suppose this is what Daddy and I have been working towards. This was the goal.

But this goal... this goal has left me feeling like my babies are long gone. Yes, they are kids still. They can't stay at home by themselves or drive. But I just started to wonder - Have they already learned most of the "big stuff"? Is that window closing?

So often in this blog I've begged time to slow down. I am always conscious that having 2 small kids is just a fleeting moment. A page in the book. I started the blog to capture our families moments and to make me reflect, savor and enjoy this time. I guess I've just felt like this time is winding down lately.
Sure there will be many new big things to teach them in life but most of the little "big" things are taken care of. I've been asking for just one more little big thing lately and man... I got it.

Lil' has never had an interest in learning to ride her bike without training wheels. She could care less that she cruises the neighborhood on training wheels. You can hear her coming a mile a way but believe me, it's no big deal to her. On Sunday, I told her that all I wanted for Mother's Day was for her to learn to ride her bike without training wheels. I knew she would try because that's the kind of kid she is. She is always doing things for other people. I took advantage. So sue me.

So now, we have a new bike rider in our family and she is so proud of herself. No, it didn't take 1 day to teach her like it did with Big but after 3 days of trying, that girl's got it now.

It's a blessing...this moment. And I am savoring it. I know it's one of the last little big things I'm getting and I'm so grateful for it.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Before I Know It

Lil' swears that she will have a maid when she grows up. She has a hard time with chores and basically the whole notion of cleaning up after herself. Don't get me wrong... she will do it. But, she lets you hear all about it and reminds you when it's over that her cleaning days are almost behind her. 

She's growing up.

She's getting bigger.

And she'll be long gone before I even know it.