Thursday, February 1, 2018

Best Days

Because it's January now, I feel like talking about last summer. It's the coldest winter I can ever remember and all I want to do right now is jump in the boat with my flip flops and have a little water splash in my face.

We started summer like we always do down at Edisto. This year was a little different though because of Boogie and Woogie. They were definitely the stars of the show.

This one wasn't from summer but I love it so I'm throwing it in here. It's from a spontaneous trip in May for just me and Daddy.

We had a whole bunch of trips to Chapin this summer which is always good for everyone. We went for the usually July 4th and stayed for a while. We went back for some more time with the college friends and then another trip for Lil' and her besties here on the Island. Always an adventure there. An adventure with amazing food.

After MONTHS of discussion, Lil' and I re-did her room. No more ballet slipper pink which was a major kick in the stomach for me. But she's growing up so I had to do it. Looking more like a teenager every day...

God was up to some crazy tricks last summer. Unreal sunsets, massive storms, beautiful skies, another hurricane and then...... THE ECLIPSE!!

Before Eclipse

During Eclipse

Of course we had another summer filled with basketball for Big. This was a fun season and it was crazy, awesome and scary to see how much he grew.

On a last run up to Chapin we discovered that Lil' is allergic to wasp stings. :(

She and the bestie next door got closer than ever. They are more like sisters than anything else.

We had another week of She-She camp. I never get tired of this and I hope they never do either. Water parks, the beach, lots and lots of fried shrimp....

And then came Great Guana. Oh Great Guana.... A bucket list trip for me to the Abacos. It was unbelievable and I'll remember it for the rest of our lives.

Teenager yet?

I went to sleep every night with him fishing on this dock. For a minute, he forgot he had a phone.

 We got home on a Sunday and started school the next Tuesday. I realized that I have 4 summers left with both my kids in my house. I am trying to not freak out because I'm not sure what I will do when they aren't here to play with me anymore. THESE are our BEST days.

He won't hold his hand up anymore but this is the 1st day of 9th grade.