Wednesday, March 30, 2016

See What I Mean?

What a whirlwind since I last wrote. So much has happened. Nettie had her back surgeries (all 3 of them) back in the fall. Daddy had to take over for a while so that I could be with her and Papa. She's been through so much. But she showed us how much one can take and keep on swinging.

I've just spent some time looking at all these blogs I follow and I'm finding some comfort in seeing that other people have slacked off on their blogs too. It's gotten ridiculously hard to keep up with this thing but I'm already so thankful for the posts I wrote when you were little. And even though the posts I write now are so far and few in between, I know I'll be thankful for these too.

I'm also finding comfort in seeing that other people's kids are growing up. Because I am hit in the face daily with the fact that you are. I grab onto any chance I can get lately to actually do "mom" things for you because you do so much on your own. You take care of yourselves for the most part and I'm so proud that you do but man I miss the days when you couldn't from time to time. The days you ran out of school to me or the times you came in crying because you fell outside. You stay home alone and if you're hungry, you make yourself something. If you want lemonade, you make that too.

I barely even help with homework anymore. Lil' still needs me for that but Big sure doesn't. He has taken ownership of his grades and Daddy and I have somewhat released those reigns. He's grabbing onto his future and I'm so proud that he seems to know how important his education is already. And he's killing it! His grades are unbelievable especially considering everything else he has going on. Basketball is life and he works almost every single day improving his game. Weird stuff is happening to him physically but he's handling all of it beautifully and it amazes me every day that he is already 12 and has one foot out of door most all of the time. I feel myself clinging to him and trying to keep him close but it's like trying to put a bird in a cage. It's hard to do and you feel guilty for trying.

Lil' is growing too. The games she plays are changing. It's not so much dolls for her anymore but more about real life: living in an apartment, playing school, etc. She did ask me for a doll recently and I jumped at the chance to buy it for her because I know those times are coming to an end. You're still riding horses and doing gymnastics. I swear watching Lil' on a horse is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in life. That smile when you canter... it stops my heart. You are the nicest person I know and you keep our family glued. You are the light. You just went on your first overnight field trip and I counted the hours until you got home. The moment I found out you were a girl I had no idea what I was going to do with you. Now, I have no idea what to do without you.

See what I mean?


See what I mean?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One for the Books

Another summer to remember. It's amazing how fast they fly by. I love them as much as you do and I can't understand when I hear other moms talk about how excited they are to have their kids back in school. I hate it and every year on the first school night, I get sad like I'm going away on a trip for a week and I won't see you. Let's review...

One of the last days of school, I took the Munch to the pier at Folly. She loved the breeze and I loved being with her. She has brightened most of the days in this last year. I see myself in her a little but I see my baby sister in her the most.

The summer tide took us to Edisto again first thing. We stayed in the house that isn't ours but is ours. We trudged the chairs, the cooler, the tent and the toys to the beach every day and soaked up every sun kissed second.

This is the 1st picture of us when Big really was bigger than me.

When we were at Edisto something horrible happened to our beautiful city and it changed our hearts, minds and state forever. We will never forget the Emanuel 12: Rev. Clementa Pickney, Myra Thompson, Rev. Daniel Simmons, Cynthia Hurd, Susie Jackson, Ethel Lance, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, Tywanza Sanders, Rev. Depayne Middleton-Doctor, Polly Shepard (survived), Felicia Sanders (survived) and her 11-year old granddaughter (survived). We spent days that week trying to figure out how and why this could happen at this day in age in our city. We had to explain it to you over and over because you had questions but couldn't possibly understand how this could happen. Unfortunately we couldn't explain because we didn't understand either. We prayed a lot and spoke their names and learned about their families and their children. We learned how extraordinary they all were and we grieved for them and for Charleston.

We came home and we paid our respects in any way that we could.

Some people decided to have a Unity March across the Ravenel Bridge. They expected 500 people. My sister and I made the walk and decided to join in with those "500" people.

We left early and we waited at the top for them and because we were so early we were right in the middle when the 2 sides met each other; one walking from Mt. Pleasant and the other walking from downtown. It was one of the most beautiful human experiences I have ever been a part of. It was bigger than us and we could feel it.

Next we went to back to California to see Uncle Jared. It was his turn to turn 40. We took the kids so they could see everything that we have been talking about. They fell in love with another new state this summer.

This is what you wear in Cali in June in the mornings. Crazy.

When we came home it was already time for July 4th again. So we did like we always do and we packed it up and headed to Chapin. The kids are getting bigger but the traditions are still the same.

Towards the end of the week, I caught puppy fever. I didn't want to. It just happened. But we are thankful it did because Banks is the best little dog we have ever had and maybe the best early birthday present Big has ever gotten.

Every lab needs their own diaper bag.

Miss E and Booboo came down for summer she-me camp. It was a week of road trips to Greensboro and movies and markers on the wall and swimming. I love my little chickens...

Booboo and Yaya
 The last days of summer, we did as much as we could by boat. 

 Lil' carried on in her usual way of leaving little notes and surprises for us. She is the sweetest little girl that I have ever known and her love bursts out of her every day. She taped a star on our door.
 She put a note in my sweat towel that I take to the gym.

And she made me appetizer plates when I was hungry.

 I'm trying to hold on to both of you a little longer than normal these days when you hug me. You're growing up and it's making me sad. The first day of school came and I think you were ready for it. It helped that friends were making a switch and we got to show them the way...

Lil' 3rd Grade

Big and L 7th Grade
Summer is and always be our favorite time together and this one most definitely was one for the books.