Thursday, July 9, 2009

That's Why You Have Kids

After a very long and sad day yesterday learning about the fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning, I witnessed a beautiful reunion between my kids.

Big came home and the whole way back from Chapin, he talked about how he couldn't wait to see Lil'. When we got to Emmie's house, Lil' came bouncing around the couch and straight into her "bubba's" arms. She held him tight and he squeezed her back. They got in my car, each one strapped into their carseat, and then reached out and held hands. Lil' looked at Big and said, "You my best fend." Big said, "No, I'm your bubba. But I'll be your best friend too." I wish my rear-view mirror was a camera.

Folks, that's why you have kids.

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  1. "Get's me right there"-Uncle Fun