Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank You, I Enjoyed It

My friend Kim is the one that introduced me to the world of blogging. She's also introduced me to the subculture that is couponing and she was also the first to expose me to bookbag or diaper bag tags of which I'm a total sucker for.

Of all the things our friendship has taught me, perhaps one of the best and one of the things that I am most grateful for is teaching me how to teach my kids to say, "Thank you I enjoyed it." It was all her idea. Every night, she makes her kids take their plate to the sink and she makes them say, "Thank you I enjoyed it." This struck a major cord with me and ever since she told me about it, I've been making my kids do the same. You would be amazed at how a woman will swoon when Big says this to them.

Lil' says it too but it comes out more like, "Thank too, I joy it." She still says it though. It takes alot for me to let her carry her plate to the sink because inevitably it means that food and silverware will be dropped along the way. But sometimes, I chill out and let her do it.

Anywho, it means a great deal for a child or an adult to appreciate when they are fed. Even if they lie and say they enjoyed the broccoli and squash, its a good habit and one that I'm proud my kids have. I know they don't say it everytime, but I'd like to think they say it more often than not and after the rush of a day and the hurry of a supper, it's always nice to hear, "Thank you, I enjoyed it."


  1. We are trying to get Mac to say it too! Adults truly love it and I love hearing them say it even if I did just microwave them a hotdog for lunch. It is the little things.....

  2. Last night as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I realized how hectic it had been the last few days while Big and Lil were here with me and how much I missed the chaos, when in an obscure corner of the counter, I spotted a bowl of dried on Fruit Loops and a nearly finished glass of orange juice that Big had carried to the sink. I may have overlooked the dishes, but I will never forget all the "Thank you, I enjoyed it" (s)! With a tear in my eye and a knot in my throat, I rinsed them out and said a quiet "Thank You" to you, Mama and Daddy Rucci, for all the time and effort.