Monday, September 27, 2010

Catching Fish With It

One of the strangest experiences I've had as a parent is seeing myself through the eyes of my parents. Sometimes, I'll look at my kids but I don't see them. I see me. And when I look at me, I see my parents.

It happens when I hear Big say something familiar or when I see Lil' do something sneaky. It happened this weekend when I saw Big throwing a cast net for the first time off the same dock and into the same water that I threw mine off of for the first time.

I was thinking, "Don't get too close to the edge. Put the weight in your front teeth. Errr, side teeth, since you have no front teeth. Reach way down the neck of the net, use your whole body, watch the edge, watch the edge, watch the edge!"

He was thinking, "Let me catch one. Please,  just one, just one, just one. Let me show her I can do it."

The circle wasn't perfect for him but it was perfect for me. And as I watched him, I figured out that life really is very much the same way. You teach them what you know. You teach them what you were taught. It's not always perfect but they can still catch fish with it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Big and The Donut Maker

Lil' has decided that she wants to be a donut maker when she grows up. She used to want to be a Mama but I think she's seen my c-section scar one too many times and now she's had a change of heart.

A donut maker. Really?

Big got super mad at her yesterday. We had to go in to his classroom to do a little volunteer work and we were only in there for 2.2 seconds, but it was long enough for her to seriously ruin his day. Apparently when she saw him, she got so excited and she yelled out "Woooooookie!!!!" Everybody started laughing and Big was furious! Are you that old now? Do you really care? Please don't care yet.

That's this week's installment of "Big and The Donut Maker."

The End.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank You

You both told us "Thank You" every single day. We didn't ask you for it. You just did it on your own. Nothing makes a Mama more proud than that.

You took your very first hike. And you won! You beat the mountain that day Lil'!

You fell in love all over again with hiking.

Thank You.

Thank you Daddy.

Thank You Mama.

Thank You.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Complete Baby

Well... You're 4.

wa wa wa

My baby's no baby anymore.

This year, you deserved your own space. A little place to call your own. A little house for our little Lil'. (And remind me to tell you how much I love craigslist when you get older!)

Ummmm. Some perspective on the size of the house - not the hiney.

She loves. Not likes. She loves.

I may or may not have gotten a teensy weensy carried away.

Nothing to see here folks. Keep it moving...

It was Candyland...Get it?

Bounce it out kids. Bounce it out.

Loves. Not likes. Loves.

All photo credit and chocolate fountain efforts go to my sistas. Good girls!

My little Lil' turned 4. And now, I'm a complete baby.