Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm growing up.

So, I'm not a big chicken salad fan. For those of you who know me well, you know I have a huge mixing of the foods issue. Foods need to match. Certain things go together. Most do not. Although, a southerner born and raised, casseroles are tricky. So for me to post a chicken salad recipe you know it must be good. First of all, there's no eggs. I don't like eggs of any kind. A super plus in my book. Second of all, there's a minimal amount of mayonnaise. Another bonus. Thirdly, who doesn't love and appreciate an already prepared rotisserie chicken?

I've decided to let celery into my life. Celery is growing on me. I've started adding it in my salads every now and again and I have to say I like the crunch.

Alright so here it is. A super duper chicken salad recipe.

I'm growing up.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

U so fart Mama

Lil' Rucci will be 3 in September. She has really started talking well and I'm already beginning to miss the language only her mother will understand. We always tell her that she is so smart and now she tells us too. But it sounds like this: "U so fart Mama." Do I correct her? No. Do I make her say it again and again? Yes. Do I laugh everytime uncontrollably? Absolutely. I have to get this with my video camera because one day I know she won't want to talk to me at all. I have to capture it now.

It is so fleeting......

U so fart Mama

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are you Serious?

This past Sunday at Walmart (blech), Nettie tried to take Big Rucci in for a little end of the weekend treat. She let him pick out a toy to bring home to add to the heaping pile that's oozing from our house.

Anywho... He went up and down all the aisles, searching for the perfect thing. She interpreted this as a "learning experience" wherein she taught Big Rucci about money and what's expensive and what's reasonable. After making his choice, (another Batman suit complete with a cape, mask and boomerangs that he can wear over his other Batman suit that covers him from neck to ankle that has a vertical hole exactly where his crack is and allows his Spiderman underwear to peak out every now and again) they walked up to the counter where they were told they couldn't buy the item because it wasn't 1pm yet.

Columbia just finally decided that is was ok for people to have the choice to buy beer on Sunday but they still have "Blue Laws" in place that won't allow other items to be sold before 1pm on Sundays. If you want to pick up a case for yourself and pound it in the car on your way home so that you can forget that you beat your wife last night so be it. But if you think you're gonna buy a Batman suit for your grandkid before 1pm on a Sunday, you've got another thing coming lady.

Are you Serious?

Monday, April 27, 2009

You Have to Start Somewhere

My friend Kim
has been a blogger for a year or two. She always seems to introduce me to something new whether its couponing or blogging. I've followed her blog and the ones she recommends for a while now and I've decided I'm gonna give it a try myself.

She really sold me on the idea when she told me that she blogs for her kids of course, but also to record a diary of her family. I had no idea that you can create hard back books of your blog
This is something I want to do for my family and myself. So within this blog you will run across things that I think are hillarious, recipes I think are delicious, people that inspire and move me, and pictures of the people and things that I treasure most.

You have to start somewhere..........