Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Got Fatback

I've been asked to post something on field peas by my sista. This is a relative idea seeing how they are in season now and I just brought a bunch home from the farm. If you don't know what a field pea is, seek them. They are little morsels of deliciousness that carry a packful punch of comfort. They taste a little like a boiled peanut and if I've lost a few of you with that, let me offer another explanation. They could be tossed in with a family of butterbeans and bar b que and biscuits and get along perfectly.

Here are 2 things that you should know about field peas. 1 - you should have equal amounts of snaps and peas. For my northern friends, a snap is just that - when you snap the pea instead of shell it. 2- you need to always, always add fatback. Again for you northerners, fatback is the saltiest part of the pig and gives you mama jama flavor in your peas. When you add this, just a few slices, there is little more needed. Maybe just a little pepper.

Field peas are a southern delight. A must try for everyone. If you've gone down the grit and sweet tea road, please get off at the nearest field pea exit and remember: baby got fatback.

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