Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mama Fishin'

So I as mentioned, we went on a Grandparent tour. We left last Monday and went to Long Beach to see Mabel and Clyde. On Wednesday, we left and drove over to Wagram to see Frances and the farm. I was delighted to see that all my Grandparents are doing well. My Grandparents were delighted to see us. The kids were great for the most part. I only threatened to pull over once and to give them up for adoption one other time but all in all, they were great.

We did alot of fishing last week. I taught Big to throw a cast net off of Mabel and Clyde's dock. I'm pretty sure that is the same place I learned to throw a cast net. He was not excited about holding the weight in his mouth but he did it anyways. If you don't know that you have to hold the weight in your mouth when throwing a cast net you need to. It will help you spread the circle but it also brings you luck. We caught a net load of fish and shrimp. And Big jumped for joy when he saw what Mama was dragging in. This was his first lesson in how good a fisherwoman I am. The lessons would continue.

We threw some bait in the trap and managed to bring in 3 crabs. I let Big handle this.

Lil participated by naming each critter that we brought in. She named this one Charlie.

Next we went to the farm. The farm is old. Real old. But its beautiful. There are chickens and horses and donkeys. Lots of donkeys. Kitties and dogs and ducks and geese. The pond is where I like to spend most of my time.

The kids like the "swimmin' hole" the best though. Big has come of age in farm terms because he went up the pipe to the spillway which is a big deal.

Lil' was happy just to sit on the side.

Pirate face comin' at you. Look out.

We did some fishin here too. Lil' caught her first fish on her Disney princess fishing pole. I'll man that girl up if it kills me. She named that one Bobby.

Me and Big, my cousin and my aunt caught 45 fish in about an hour and a half. They were just little ones but it was oh so fun and that's not a "Smith Story." It's true. And ole' Mama here caught the best of the day with a 4 pound catfish. Awesome. Another lesson in good Mama fishin' for my little Big.

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