Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Every Day, Every Hour

There are so many things I want to remember from this summer. Spots of time that I will never forget.

Watching you glide up on the wake board for your first time. Seeing you sliding across that water, the sun at your back, so little in the big ole' harbor.

I wanna remember the big gap in your teeth. Amazing how so much nothing gives you so many somethings. Grins and whistles and cool new ways to drink your juice.
Baby toes in beach sand and Miss E learning to swim. Little moments that grab that spot in your throat and make you swallow hard because you know you are That Moment.

Drinking cokes and road trips. Hundreds of miles driven to visit, lay eyes on people and hold on to places. 

Tough long goodbyes to spots you thought would never leave you. And good friends who help you through it.
Lots of time spent with family and friends. Diving in, soaking up and rolling by. Big plans and bike races. Handfuls of gum balls. 

Boat trips and new places. Sunsets and dolphins. Remembering that we are lucky.

Watching you turn cartwheels - sucking your tummy up tight. Hearing your manners and feeling so proud that you are mine. My boy. My girl.

What a gift this summer has been. The chance to see you, watch you, be with you. It has been my pleasure and my joy every day, every hour. 

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