Friday, July 17, 2009

We Were Victorious!

Big's birthday is coming up next month. It's going to be tough to beat the party we had last year when he turned 5 so I'm thinking about it early this year. Last year we had a FOOD FIGHT and it was awesome! I turned 32 last year and one of the things I realized was that I had never thrown food. Of any kind. Not when I was little. Not when I was a rebellious teen nor when I was a crazy college kid. So this was the year.

First things first. The food. I had chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, ice cream, teeny tiny marshmallows, flour, corn meal, chocolate syrup, red, green and yellow jello and finally cool whip that I dyed with food coloring. I wanted to use only food that would dissolve into our grass or that the squirrels and birds could eat.

I split the food between 2 tables in our front yard and covered each kid with an adult sized parka that I got from the Dollar Store. I also gave each one a pair of goggles because safety never takes a vacation. Here is a picture of me (the only adult who participated by the way) giving out the rules.

The last picture of the clean little warriors.

Let the games begin!

After it was over, we hosed all the kids off and then let them jump in the pool for a final rinse off. To keep with the theme, we had a cake made in the shape of a cheeseburger which we ate and didn't throw. I made thank you notes with this picture.

It was a glorious mess. We threw food for about 30 minutes. Everyone had fun. There were no casualties and we were victorious.


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  2. What a fun idea!! I bet the kids loved it!!