Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Double Digits

Big's birthday was an easy one. He wanted to do something fun and he wanted all his friends there. Not too hard to figure out, right? Think again friends. Think.again.

I have a finicky 10 year old. He doesn't know what he does want but he has a lot to say about what he doesn't want. We had the hardest time coming up with an idea but then it hit me - bowling would be the simplest thing possible. It's not my house, all the kids like it, boys are competitive... perfect.

The invite turned out precious...
And even Lil' had fun... 

Daddy just ordered a drink and closed his eyes and started handing out quarters...

Then we moved to bowling.

Big's done with being 9.

We started and ended Big's Birthday bonanza by being on the boat of course. Welcome to Double Digits!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Made Pancakes

I'm trying to pretend like today isn't really happening. It's not really working out though. Every where I turn I see it...August 21st. If it's not the date, it's someone asking me if you made it to school alright. Or did I cry. Or did you cry. What did I make for breakfast. On and on.

It is seriously unbelievable to me that she is a 1st grader and he is a 5th grader. Can someone please tell me when this happened? All I did was blink and bam! Here we are.

I'm so proud of each one of you. Her because she is so stinking sweet. And loving. And thoughtful. And him because he is ridiculously smart. And cool. And fun to be around.

I watched you pull out of the driveway and yes, there was a lump in my throat. You did make it to school alright. No, neither of you cried. And I made pancakes.