Monday, April 2, 2012

I spent a large part of today wondering what you would have said about turning 90. This made me chuckle a bunch. Those kind of out loud chuckles that surprise you and make you wonder if that was you or someone else.

After supper, I needed to go to the water cause that's where I feel the closest to you. I grabbed a 
Ma Rose on my way out and laid it in the ocean cause I'm sure you were fishin' today. The water was perfectly flat and the fish were biting. I watched the rose float out of the harbor and out toward the sea and then I looked up and saw this...

and this...

and I smiled all over again. 


  1. you got me, right here.....

  2. What a beautiful end to such a bittersweet day...thanks for sharing this with the rest of us. I'm certain Papa Clyde requested it just for you. I'm just as sure that the message contained in that heaven-sent sunset was..."Thanks Doll".

  3. I am so fortunate to have known Clyde even though the time was brief. A gentle man not only tall in stature but tall in wisdom and wit...most important a gentle man who loved his family. Sure do miss you Clyde!!!!!