Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

6 Has Finally Come!

Lil' has had some big news recently. First of all, she lost something very important on her way to school one morning...

Then, we had her 6th birthday which turned out to be quite the success. This year was a cheerleading theme and the girls had so much fun. Two "real" cheerleaders came and taught them a dance ("Hey, I just met you.") and a cheer. Since Lil' had cheer camp this summer she already knew how to do everything and she got to help teach her friends. 

6 has finally come!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Your Average Tuesday

I caught a quick, green glimpse of Big the other day on his way out the door. I noticed he grabbed his bow and arrow so I felt like I should check on him. This is what I found...

Just your average Tuesday.


Happy You, Ned

In the middle of the Rucci birthday season, there lies a very special one indeed. We were able to celebrate her this year on the water and with a fabulous dinner. Happy you, Ned...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

We Can't Wait to Watch You

You are 9 now Big. It's your last year of single digits. Things will change for you soon. I'm sure you will start to spend less and less time around me and your sister and more and more time around your Daddy and the other men in our family. And this thought, or future reality breathes on my back and makes me try to slow down and take a deep breath and realize you will only be my little Big for a spell longer. 

When you hug me and don't let go at night just to stall-I kind of lay there a little bit and let you. When you stuff the cat in your shirt and then let him climb out so that it looks like you are puking him up, I don't say anything the first time. And when you say that I'm pretty or a good cook I make sure I say thank you each time and look you in the eye so you know I mean it and appreciate it. 

Everyone says what a good boy you are all the time. Your Grandma, your teachers, Papa's huntin' partners - they all know what Daddy and I do. You are a smart kid with a big, huge crush on the outdoors. That is your place - where you like it the most - the outside. 

Your birthday this year was in Chapin - the seed that planted your love for wide open spaces. I know that you will squeeze every drip out of 9 and we can't wait to watch you.