Sunday, August 23, 2009

We're So, So, Proud Of Him

So despite the threat of dangerous rip currents and sporadic rain showers from Hurricane Bill, we went ahead with Big's birthday party this weekend. It was so much fun and I think that maybe, just maybe, I matched, but not topped, our food fight party from last year. But as I mentioned to my sister yesterday, a victory is still a victory and I'm gonna take it.

We started the day by giving him something that his Daddy and I have wanted to give him since way before he was born. Even before we knew we were having him, I can remember us being so excited about getting our little boy a surfboard one day.

There was something very special about this birthday and that was that all 4 of Big's grandparents made it to the party and this made me truly jealous because I'm pretty sure that's never happened to me. We also had plenty of good friends and Aunt Emy. It's impossible to find words to describe how thankful you are when people will put aside their day to come or drive or fly to your kid's birthday party and for that reason I always like to have plenty of adult beverages on hand to say "thank you".

Daddy made Big's invitation. It still makes me laugh. This is the picture we used.

And then we had to have a surfboard cake.

And we had to take his new board out.

And he actually got up a couple of times. I'll have to put some more of those up.

So our boy is turning 6. He's in first grade. He's growing up and we're so, so proud of him.

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