Monday, August 31, 2009

My Mama

Here are some things my Mama has been known to do.

Go to the grocery store for you and won't let you pay her back.

Watch your kids anytime you ask. No matter what she's got going on.

Drive 2 hours to your house so you won't have to drive by yourself somewhere with the kids.

Host your wedding at her house.

Babysit for anyone, anytime. Seriously.

Host your friends and their friends and all their kids at her house and cook and feed all of them.

Throw an awesome freaking Christmas/Birthday party at her house for 100 people every year, even if she's spent the day in surgery for skin cancer or if there is no power.

Plant your neighbor's flower box just because she wants to.

Buy you stuff at Target even though you are almost 35 because "It was her idea and you have to have it."

Stay up with you when you are breastfeeding just so you won't have to get up to put the baby back down. She'll do it for you.

Make anybody a pound cake or fruit salad if somebody you know dies.

Bury somebody else's cat.

Buy toys for almost any kid she knows.

Rake your yard and plant your bushes. I'm pretty sure she's even mowed mine once.

Drive to CVS for bandades in the middle of the night when your kid falls out of the bed.

Cook everybody in the house something different because its your favorite thing she makes.

The list could go and on and I know there are things that YOU would like to add but these are just some of my favorites. I'm so glad you were born Mama and I'm so glad that you are My Mama. Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Nettie!

    Here are more things to add to the list.

    Lets my boys and myself shower/bathe in her master shower even though the bathroom upstairs is perfect.

    Has the best advice in the world. Always spot on.

    Opens her house to everyone and you feel at home the minute you walk in. ~Our Last visit, Mac opens the fridge and looks for a juice box the minute he walked in and the last minute of the weekend before we left JL was crying and asking why Luke got to stay another night and he did not (maybe bc he is the grandchild-I don't know).

    You are the perfect hostess! We love you and feel like part of the family.

  2. Don't forget...Pickup somebody elses DEAD cat off the road and bury it cause she thought it was hers!!! Love the old man just cause....Happy 55!

  3. happy birthday nettie!
    your genuine love for family and friends (and strangers for that matter) is expressed in everything you do. behind your eyes, in your loving arms, and your beautiful singing voice. i'll never forget the days when mine were little in your arms and you would sing to them. always happy care for the babies. we are all truly blessed by your presence here.
    all our love,
    the northern division:)

  4. She always has a listening ear no matter how bad her day has been. She even still sleeps with the phone next to her bed each night in case we call. Whether it be a call of good news, a funny story, a conflict, a bad day, or just to catch up-she is there. With time, I always discover that her advice was, in fact, right. She's my mama and my best friend.