Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweet Baby Girl Foot

It's so weird having a little girl. I'm used to boys and their wrestling and their imaginary swords and their sweaty heads and dirt. I was always sort of tom-boyish so to have a little girl who is SUCH a little girl is really strange for me.

With Big, I can pretty much guess his next step or know what he's thinking or come up with things that he thinks are cool to do. Lil' is different. I never know what she's thinking or what she's gonna do but when I figure it out, it usually surprises me. And she thinks her own things up that she thinks are cool. She has one big, sweet imagination.

Tonight on our way home, I looked in my favorite window (the rear-view mirror) and Lil' had taken off her flip-flops and she was playing with her feet. What is hilarious about this was that she turned her feet into little people. One foot was seriously upset with the other foot. I think the mad one was Mama and the other one was her baby but it was kind of hard to tell. All I know is there was a heated discussion going on in that carseat between 10 toes and I'm glad I wasn't her pinky toe cause that one was in the worst trouble. After the Mama foot got upset, she kissed the baby foot and all was well in the world of Lil's feet.

She caught me smiling at her and she smiled a big toothy grin right back. She knows that this Mama foot will always, always love her sweet baby girl foot.


  1. Just like 'rainy day woman' who spent a lot of her little girl time with Windex bottles, whom she named and fed peanut-butter sandwiches by way of their spray bottle spouts. I love a good imagination-it turns one into the most spectacular person.