Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thanks For The Challenge

Here's something fun. Put some play-doh in your pocket. Don't tell Mama its there. She'll wash your clothes and she won't check your pockets. At this point you'll be home free. She'll throw them in the washer with fabric softener so they are extra smelly and soft. Then she'll put them in the dryer with one of those sheets that make them squishy like the teddy bear on tv.

Because she hates to fold clothes, she'll keep letting them flop in the dryer and therefore your play-doh will get the chance to come out of your pocket and paint the whole inside of her brand new dryer green! It's crazy how sticky and hard play-doh becomes after a wash and a dry. So when she opens the dryer she'll be so surprised to see the glorious, wonderful mess you created.

To my children:

I'm not sure which one of you did this to me today. But hear this: I will not make the same mistake twice. From now on, your pockets WILL be checked. You little rats! And by the way, it doesn't matter how hard you try, I will always be able to clean up almost any mess with Goo Gone. This was a good effort on both your parts though. Thanks for the challenge.