Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Two Year Old's Dictionary

Since I am basically still the only person who can understand Lil's vocabulary, I am dedicating a post to her language.

Atl Ju - Apple Juice
Bankie - Blanket
Bubba - Brother
Buggie - Bug is gettin me
Cuyal Wid Mi - Cuddle with me
Dinky - Stinky
Fend - Friend
Fip Fop - Flip Flop
I hungi - I'm hungry
I no no - I don't know
I not wike dat - I don't like that
It not tooo wate - Its not too late
I won u - I want you
Nana - Banana
Pay Woom - Playroom
Stool - School
Sto Wa - Stroller
Supa - Supper
Tu - ti - Cookie
U de bes - You're the best
Wa U Wading Fo - What are you waiting for
Waisitthen - What is it then
Wawen - Another name for herself
Wooookie - Another name for her brother
Wuk - Look

So I hope this helps. Pretty much everything else is understandable. These are the ones that trip most people up. It's Lil's 2 year old dictionary.


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  2. what about "sucker"? i am so glad that i can still hear her little voice echoing in my head. before you guys came to visit i wouldn't have known such sweetness.... xxxooo