Sunday, August 9, 2009

We Drove. We Saw. We Learned.

Well, we did it. We left last Sunday for our first official family vacation week. We drove all day to Pennsylvania. Beautiful Pennsylvania. Who knew? We took the scenic route through the Shenandoah Valley and drove 14 hours to my cousins' house deep in the green heart of the state.

We prepared ourselves for disaster in the car. An iconic meltdown from Big and Lil'. There was none from either one. They behaved like they should in Church the whole way there. Sure there plenty of pee stops and Big started asking 30 minutes in if we were there yet but me and Daddy were in awe of what we witnessed. It was a beautiful thing.

In Penn we rode horses, floated down rivers, ate ice cream, Big fell in love with a
4-wheeler, we swang on tires, we sat under trees, we got eggs from the chickens, we laughed and we rested. It was all so simple and it was amazing. There is a name for this farm of still water and simple grace but it is still a mystery. All I know is this, the wind is gentle, the sun is warm and the livin' is easy.

We stayed on the farm for 3 days and then jumpstarted our brains by spending the second half of the week in NYC. We fed our kids something new - a stew of purple hair, yellow taxis, red tomato sauce and black pavement and they ate every drop. American Girls, FAO, The World Trade Center, Battery Park, Times Square, The Empire States Building, Chelsea Piers, The Musuem of Natural History, Central Park, John Lennon's apartment building, Falafel, mmmmm Falafel, Pizza, Fried Rice, Dirty Water Dogs, Tacos, Burritos, water, water, water. Lots of water, S'Mac (you must go), Taxis, Buses, Subways, Escalators, Elevators, in, out, up, down.

Big and I had long discussions about 9/11 and the bad men who shouldn't have done what they did. We also made him give some change to a homeless man and we blew his mind when we told him the man lived there on that very spot on the sidewalk.

We got home last night at midnight. Tired, still moving forward and delirious. It was a great trip and here are a couple of my favorite things we got:

a purple flower from Central Park

a nail from where they are building the new Freedom Tower at Ground Zero

We drove. We saw. We learned.

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