Monday, August 17, 2009

These Beautiful People

Dear God,
Thank you for giving me such an amazing summer with my children. Thank you for keeping us safe when we traveled. Thank you for feeding us when we were hungry. Thank you for our beds when we were tired. I'm pretty sure that this will always go down as the happiest summer I have ever known.

Please give me the strength to let Big go to school tomorrow. Please let me be strong and dear Lord please don't let him see me cry when we walk in there. Let him have manners, sweet friends and please let his teacher see how crazy smart he is.

Be with Lil' as he leaves us for the first time all day. Fill her mind with fun things to do so she won't drive me crazy.

Also be with Daddy and give him the patience to deal with all of us cause I'm pretty sure he's going to need it.

Thank you for watching over all of us Lord and for letting me live with these beautiful people.

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