Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yowza, that's gross.

Holy Cats! Lil' just set the record for the longest held bite of omelette and milk in the history of such records set! I swear, and I'm not exaggerating, I gave her the one last bite over 15 minutes ago. She said, like she always does, that it was "toooooooo muccccch" so I did like always do, and made her take a sip of milk. I took her plate, cleaned up the breakfast dishes, started the dishwasher and cracked my morning Diet Coke.

She left the table, went and played her piano, put all 3 of her baby dolls upstairs in her bed, got some paper towels, pretended to wipe the windows down and then went back to the table where I looked over and she had her cheeks all puffed out. I said, "Lil', do you still have that bite in your mouth?" She spit it all out right back on the table and said, "Not any - mo."

Yowza, that's gross.

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