Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where It Is

It lies in the wisp of ocean foam
as it blows off and hits you in the shin.
In the sweet and sour hint of a baby's breath.
And in the trees bending and swaying in the wind.

It lies in your plants coming back in the spring.
In the coldest beer in the cooler.
It lies in waiting for an old friend to visit.
And in casting a lure.

It lies in reaching the parking lot at Disney World.
It's in the net when its heavy after you throw it.
It happens when the dog lays on your feet.
And when you hear, "I'm proud of you" and you know it.

It lies in seeing your kids hug.
It comes when your meal is the best one ordered.
It lies in hearing they are finally pregnant.
It comes when you pick the perfect color.

It lies in an old river bed.
It lives on a feathered wing.
It goes up a rocky summit.
And then down through all things.

That's where it is.

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