Saturday, June 13, 2009

Having Him All to Yourself

More often than not, a girl is gonna try and find a man to marry who reminds her of her father. Our fathers are the first ones we fall in love with. The first ones we get dressed up for. The first ones we try to impress.

Lil' has it real bad for Daddy. She adores him. She loves to show him her dresses and her hair. She loves to cuddle with him and share her blankie. She follows him around from the time he walks in the door to the time he puts her in the bed. She's constantly dragging him around the house by his pointy finger and if he takes her somewhere without Big, she's in heaven.

My Dad was my first love too. I did anything I could to get his attention when I was little. I duck hunted, dove hunted and went everywhere I could with him. I learned to pee off of boats in the middle of winter during duck season and I always knew to wear a hat to cover my blonde hair in September during dove season (that way doves wouldn't think I was a fire ant hill). We did other things besides hunt but the times I loved the most, just like Lil', were the times I had him all to myself.

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