Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This one's for my Kids

Today I watched the Big One dressed as Batman, leap from chair to bean bag to bean bag to rocking horse because he said they were buildings he was jumping on. You were wearing the mask and the cape and you never missed one landing. You flew that 48" frame from one piece of furniture to the next piece of furniture without ever kicking me or your sister in the face. Your mind was racing against all the bad guys you were fighting. All I could do was watch you. I couldn't tell you to stop jumping on the furniture. I didn't want you to. You think. You consider.

While the Big One did this, the Lil' One fed her baby. The one you call Susan. Susan is ugly. No doubt about it. But you love her still. I listened to you and your scrambled conversations with Susan. You made her eat three more bites. You blew each one to make sure it wasn't too hot. You gave her a bath, dried her hair and layed her in her bed. All the while kissing her over and over again. You were running as fast as you could to take care of every need Susan had today. You are going to be a great Mama someday. You nurture. You love.

I watched you intently because sometimes its hard to believe that out of me, came you. Your perfect little body and your perfect little face and your perfect little mind. How did you end up so wonderful? How did every piece of you come together so wonderfully fantastic? I study your ribcage and I see an incredible work of art that protects the sweetest little heart. I stroke your temple with the softest hair and I'm so thankful for your strong mind. I trace your tiny veins and the wonderful web they weave throughout your legs and tummy and I'm amazed that my blood runs through you.

I am so thankful that you are mine. If you weren't, I would long for you. You give me purpose and all I feel at the end of today is gratitude. Thank you for coming to my life.

This one's for my Kids.

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