Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There Are 4 New Men in My Life.

Me and Daddy Rucci hardly ever buy warranties on things. So I'm not sure what prompted us to buy one on the tires for my car but we did about 2 years ago. We got my new tires from Pep Boys Auto. It was called the Road Hazard Warranty and let me tell you something. It has saved our marriage. For some reason, a leaky tire is attracted to me like a bee to a flower. I get alot of them. This is incredibly ironic being that I have a unique ability to notice random nails in parking lots and driveways. You would think this superpower would keep my tires safe. Alas, it does not. Anywho, let me get back to why I'm in love with Pep Boys.

Since buying my tires 2 years ago, Pep Boys has replaced 2 tires and fixed countless leaks for me. But here's how they've really come through. I took Big and Lil' to Chuckee Cheese the other day and somehow managed to pop the CRAP out of my tire. There was a hole the size of an apple in the side of it. I cautiously crept 1/4 mile to the parking lot of Chuckee Cheese, called Daddy Rucci and took the kids inside. Daddy Rucci called Pep Boys, they sent a tow truck and I met my new best friend Kevin the tow-truck man outside. Kevin sees me drag the kids out of Chuckee Cheese and says, "Instead of towing you, why don't I just change your tire for you?" I say, "Please and thank you with a little tear in my eye." He says, "Give me your keys and go back inside. It's chilly out here. I'll bring them in to you when I'm done." Are you serious? Who are you Kevin? Where did you come from? I follow his instructions and within 15 minutes, he comes in, gives me my keys and tells me all of this is covered under my warranty with Pep Boys. It was free ya'll.

So yesterday, I went to Pep Boys to buy a new tire. The warranty gave me a $75 credit towards it, so we only had to pay $50 for a new tire and the labor to put it on and replace my spare under my car.

There are 4 new men in my life. Kevin, and the 3 guys from Pep Boys.

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