Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boogers can be Friends

Lil' Rucci has imaginary friends. Every now and then, I catch her talking to them in her room, in the car and sometimes out in parking lots. I'm not sure what or who they are but she knows. This is all fine and well with me. I don't mind. I am so happy she is creative and has an imagination. However... I heard her in the kitchen yesterday saying "You stay here. I be right back." I thought she was talking to one of her friends again. But when I looked, I realized she was wiping her boogers on my dish towels and talking to them, treating them like little babies. This too is all fine and well with me because at least she didn't eat them but how do I explain that she should squelch her urge to talk to them? Oh well. I guess its good that she's friendly.

Boogers can be friends.

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