Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer's Here For Sure

Who knew I would get so emotional at Big's graduation? I mean, yes, I figured I would well up a little but jeez. My boy's grown up and he received the math award ya'll! Me and Daddy have no idea where that's coming from cause it's no secret that the 2 of us are not the sharpest tools in the shed. It could be from the Grandfathers though. One is an engineer and the other a banker. Anywho, it was a proud day. He was waiting for his new car to be in the parking lot but we decided to give him a whole bunch of Spiderman stickers instead. He's alright with that.

So today is our official first day of summer. Big and Lil have already had 3 pretty decent fights and its 9:20. The 1st one was about the toy in the Froot Loops box. Here's my letter to Mr. Kellogg.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for making family size boxes of your delicious cereal called Froot Loops. Our family of 4 enjoy's the toucan's sweety crunch every morning. Just curious though. In today's world of the American family consisting of 2.5 children, why would you think that one freaking toy in the box would suffice? You know that toy is going to the oldest kid every time. Why can't you throw in something for the other one so she doesn't go nuts and scream her crazy loud lungs out when her brother snakes it every time? It would be seriously appreciated if you could think of Mama here and throw us a bone.

Just one more Beam Up Badge in the box would be great.
Mama Rucci

Summer's here for sure.

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