Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hmmmm, Good Idea

What do you use your cast iron skillet for? Fried cornbread? Bacon? Country ham? Well last night, I used mine to make a roast beef.

375 or 325? That's the great debate when it comes to a roast beef. Dear Big and Lil', Mama and her Mama both cook their roasts at 375 for about an hour. Your Aunt Emy who is also famous for a roast, cooks her's at 325. It's amazing how much 50 degrees can be discussed in conversation. One thing we all do the same is flip the roast so you cook it upside down. The severity of this is unimaginable so don't forget.

Ok, back to me. I seared my roast last night and then put it in the oven right in the skillet. Would of made my Mama and my Mabel very proud. I'm loving the Neely's lately. I saw them use their skillet for a roast beef the other day and thought, "Hmmmm, good idea".

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