Monday, January 18, 2010

Blue Eyes Even Bluer

Big and his Papa have a special relationship. Big has a thing for tractors and machinery; for the woods and for dogs. Papa has a thing for all those things too. Papa wears a blue denim button-up probably 4 days out of the week. He has more than 1 because he loves them so much. They are faded and soft and they make his lovely blue eyes even bluer.

Luke has just come upon a blue denim shirt that he has worn every day for the past 4. He calls it his Papa shirt and earlier today, I noticed a twisty color pencil hanging out of the front pocket. I thought I might know the answer but I asked him anyway, "Big, what's up with the pencil in your pocket?" He said, "Papa always has a pen in his pocket right there."

Since it's been a long weekend with no school, it's been fine that he's been wearing the dirty and stained shirt. He tried to hide it from me tonight before his bath so I wouldn't wash it. He's scared it won't be ready for him to wear to school tomorrow. I have a feeling I'm gonna be washing that shirt alot. Soon it will be faded and soft and it will keep on making his lovely blue eyes even bluer.

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