Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are You Gonna?

Big thinks I'm awesome right now. Seriously.

Yesterday, he had a 1/2 day so I decided to bring him down to watch basketball practice. Luckily, the men and women were both practicing so he and Lil' got to see a little of both. Coach Cremins introduced him to some of the players. He brought a t-shirt that Tony White, Jr. slipped him at the game on Friday and got a bunch of the players to sign it. He shot some hoops with Casaan Breeden. Casaan told him how and where to stand. He watched Jeremy Simmons get taped up. He watched Andrew Lawrence and Willis Hall try to out-shoot Drew Goudelock from the half court line. He was introduced by head coach Nancy Wilson to the entire women's team. They thought he was adorable and rubbed his little head over and over like a bunch of old women. He shot baskets with Temple Elmore.

Are you going to think I'm awesome when you grow up? Are you gonna say things like, "It's good but it's not my Mama's." Are you gonna remember to call me on my birthday? Are you gonna say, "She always did it this way..." Are you gonna say, "My Mama taught me." Are you gonna visit me often? Are you gonna take me to the beauty parlor? Are you gonna still need me? Still think I'm cool? Are you gonna?

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