Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Really Always Been There

Big got a hold of the face paint crayons the night before we left to go to Chapin for Thanksgiving. He came jumping down the stairs just like this and Daddy and I cracked up. His name is Chief Run and boy did he. All around the house. All over the place. All weekend long.

Lil' got a big ole' cold before we left.You can see it in her eyes. That flash in the background is Chief Run.

Sweet little Miss E. made her first Thanksgiving appearance with great style and grace.

We had a big crowd for dinner. We all wrote down the things we were thankful for. Big wrote his own and came up with it all by himself. "I am thankful for my family," he said. Lil' said, "I am thankful for my blankie."

This Thanksgiving I was thankful for all the new family members I received this year: Chippie, Leann, Miss E., Cameron and Quinn.

That's a whole bunch of new love that really has always been there.

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