Monday, December 7, 2009

I Promise My Heart

While the men spent the day yesterday chopping firewood, my little lady Lil' helped me bake some cookies. I cherish moments like this because I know when she's older, she's not going to want to be around me. I can see it coming. She's gonna be testy. Because of this, I made her promise that when she's older, she'll still want to hang out with me. I envisioned our cookie baking days in the future and they looked very similar to yesterday, although they involved wine. Yesterday, we just had hot chocolate. She said, "I promise my heart Mommy." I said, "You mean you cross your heart?" She said, "No, I promise my heart." I said (sniff, sniff), "Ok, I'll take it."


  1. So sweet....BTW, my mom and I still bake cookies every year so there is hope after all!! Smitty