Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Big's Holiday Sing-A-long marathon was last night. It was a fantastic soup of carols and holiday poems. It was amazing that those kids could remember all the words they were responsible for. There were about 15 songs and poems all together. C'mon teachers, give us, I mean them, a break! It was really cute but poor Big was burning up because I made him wear his Christmas sweater and it was 67 degrees outside and about 102 inside with all the people and lights! This is when he first spotted us in the crowd. We are grateful for the gift of song.

We got to see all the wonderful, beautiful things Lil' has been learning at her dance class today. She is soooo carefully graceful. We are grateful for the gift of dance.

On this holiday and throughout the year, we are grateful for our beautiful and precious children. We are grateful for our sweet and loving family. We are grateful for our amazing friendships and the love that surrounds our lives. We. Are. Grateful.

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