Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sure Do, Kiddo

I spoiled my kids today and I don't even care. They've had enough of wake-up, get in, get out, eat, no, don't eat, go to sleep, blahby, blah, blah. I decided to give them a day off from all that and it was fun.

You want to wear that princess outfit all day? Sure thing, kiddo. You look great. After we picked up Big, we went to the donut store. You want munchkins? You want Sprite? Sure thing, kiddo. Large or small? Next we went to Target. They went up and down the toy aisles making up Christmas lists or bir-day lists as Lil' called it. You want that who's ma bobby? Sure thing, kiddo, put it on your Christmas list. Then we went to the fire place/japanese steakhouse. It's their favorite. You want a shirley-temple? Sure thing, kiddo, here's two cherries.

I let them stay up late. I let them eat alot of candy corn. I usually hold the reigns real, real tight. But I let them go a little today and it felt real, real good. My kids had a good day today and that is all I need. You love me Mama? Sure do, kiddo.

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  1. Sweet. Sounds like a whole lot of fun-for everybody!