Thursday, October 1, 2009

School Days, School Days

School Days, School Days. That's the only song I could hear in my head when I walked back on campus Monday. Except this time, there's no classes. It's work. I started a part-time job this week working for the CofC Basketball program. It is still cracking me up that number 1, I'm working again but number 2, it's for the College that I hold so dear.

Walking to work, I remember the places where I lived, where I went to parties, where I went to class and it becomes really hard to believe that I first stepped foot on this campus 15 years ago. Ouch. It still looks the same for the most part. The names of the buildings have changed though which seriously dates me.

It's just so funny to be back here but this time as an employee. But good for me, that the College that educated me would actually hire me back. That's a feather in my cap. Anyways, here are some pictures taken from my cell that just raise a little giggle in my throat everytime I see them. Especially the cougar card one. I've got to find my old one from when I was a student. I'd love to see that comparison.

School Days, School Days.

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