Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jane Bond

Lil' sleeps with alot of stuff. Here's a list of things that I found in her bed last night when I kissed her goodnight.

- (1) my little pony
- (2) babies
- (1) naked barbie
- (1) little squishy pumpkin that she's had for 2
- (2) books
- (1) princess crown
- (1) Airforce One replica
- (1) blankie
- (1) lambie

Lately she's been packing little pocketbooks with all this stuff and carrying those around when we go out during the day. It takes 3 to carry all this junk. But I tell myself, she's a woman. She's her own woman already. She thinks ahead of what she might want or need. She packs it all. She knows where each thing is at all times. She does a good job keeping up with this crazy list of Lil' necessities as she sees them.

She'll be the lady with the bag full of tricks when she grows up. She'll have the best chapstick. The perfect flavor of gum. The antiseptic that the doctors recommend. The handy wipe that doesn't burn noses. The band-aid for the unforseen booboo. The flashlight for when the lights go out. She'll have the pen and the piece of paper. And she'll be able to hem a stitch if need be. That girl is gonna have it all and she's be able to handle any situation. Like a Lady James Bond; a Jane Bond.

1 comment:

  1. She couldn't be more perfect! Just tell me that the squishy pumpkin you referred to is not the small real one we got at the "Pumkin Patch" the other day...