Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Way the Ball Bounces

If we heard one basketball bounce this summer, we heard a million. Big got really started with AAU and had a great season. His confidence definitely grew and so did his body. Weird stuff started happening for him this summer and at this point he wasn't even 13! It was the strangest thing I've ever witnessed and he seemed to grow like one of those dried up sponges does in a cup of water. It felt like it happened over night.

We let him go to Duke basketball camp and he had a blast. The highlight of the week was most definitely when he made the half court shot one day in front of the whole camp and Coach K. He wasn't offered a scholarship but I'm pretty sure after that shot, he's definitely on Duke's short list of 2021 recruits. Thank God we have the shot on video. I'm not sure Daddy and I would have believed it otherwise.

There was a tournament almost every weekend that we traveled to. Daddy and I would take turns so that Lil' wasn't sitting in a gym allllll summer.

The fall brought JV tryouts and we were so proud when Big made it!! Playing JV as an 8th grader... Duke has to want some of this!! 

Yes, Big grew up this summer for sure and as sad it was for Daddy and I, I guess that's the way the ball bounces.

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