Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Right in the World

2016 was marked with milestone birthdays. I turned 40, Big turned 13 and Lil' turned 10. As much as I dreaded 40, it came on strong and went away like a bad hangover (literally). Daddy planned an awesome dinner with the family and then we met up with some of my favorites in the city to celebrate. I felt old as hell but also loved tremendously.

Big turning 13 I think was harder for me than me turning 40. It's a helluva thing when your baby boy is bigger than you. And although this kid drives me absolutely insane sometimes, he's brought more joy and laughter into my life than I ever thought was possible. But these teenage years man... they're gonna suck. I can hear them coming like a freight train out of control.

He didn't think this was so funny that morning and he didn't let me PLAN ANYTHING FOR HIS PARTY! So I did it without him knowing and it was a surprise party at a restaurant on the island and all his friends were there. So ha! Deal with it. We gave him a charter fishing trip that unfortunately never came to fruition because the seas just weren't having it back in the fall. Hoping we can get him out there when the water starts to flatten back out.

Papa gave him his first fly rod and because of that I was able to capture some of the prettiest flood tide pictures I think I have ever taken on Harborview Road.

And because Lil' is who she is she GLADLY let me plan a party for her and I jumped all over it. So we rented a van.

Yea man... a real van.

And we took ourselves on down to the Japanese steak house for some hibachi. And then we came home and made our own dessert and played Twister and made glow wand jars and then all was right in the world.

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