Sunday, March 26, 2017

Somebody's Been Here

Christmas. Oh man do I try...

We've spent the last 2 years here in Charleston and I try so hard to make it just like it was in Chapin for my kids. I try to decorate like her and cook like her and wrap like her and find the joy like her. It's just so hard though because well, I'm not her.

If there is one thing Nettie is good at, it's Christmas. It's like her own personal masterpiece. Year after year of absolute perfection. It's a hard line to walk but she doesn't just walk it. She tap dances, waltzes and pirouettes it.  Chapin at Christmas is every Christmas movie wrapped up into one. It's impossible to match it, but I try. Oh man do I try.

We usually start the season by going to see the Festival of Lights. It's tradition that Daddy never wants to go and comes up with every reason why we shouldn't. Then we have our annual Festival of Lights fight in the car on the way to see the lights. But then we get there and all is forgotten.

Another tradition is for Lil' and I to go to the Nutcracker with the Fauci's. We look forward to it all year and it's one of our very favorite things.

I especially loved my tree this year. And of course it's because Nettie came down and threw some ribbon in all the right places. 

I think I also loved it because I could actually see it when I was in the kitchen and the day I made sausage balls while watching my tree twinkle, I felt like I was taking a ride on Santa's sleigh.

The weather never helps to make it feel like Christmas in Charleston. Big and Lil' were sweating in these pictures for our Christmas card but they cooperated nevertheless. 

We did the Christmas party a little differently this year but it was just as much fun as always...

Christmas Eve was spent cooking and playing and then we all went to church. Our church service is one thing that makes me very happy about being in Charleston for Christmas. It's all music and it's beautiful.

Even though Nettie wasn't here, it still very much looked like somebody had been here.

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