Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Watering Away

I'm witnessing something really weird /cool going on with Big.

The other night, our team, lost a game on tv. Which is a problem. Because, you see, Big has become quite the fan. When he watches them play, he becomes older. He grows up for 2 halves and turns into a 35 year old man who drinks beer (of course not literally!) and has quite the potty mouth (no way, not on my watch!). You get my drift. So when they lost, it wasn't pretty. And he cried himself to sleep that night.

Anyways, passion is brewing in that one. It's perculating like a hot pot of coffee. A hot pot of passion. That's what it is. Basketball is becoming big for Big. It's in his blood. His Daddy loves it. His Uncles love it. His Great~Uncles. His Great~Grandpa. His Nettie. And cause I'm the Mama, I've got a front row seat in watching the little seed that got planted turn into a little shoot peaking through the dirt. And Daddy, well... he's just watering away.

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  1. I love this post. They are truly growing up so fast...right before our eyes.