Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hands In Your Pockets

Dr. Aimee has been great to us. She's a pediatrician that makes you feel like she's a wise old grandmother. She knows what you're going to say before you say it. She has the right answer for everything and lays out the future for you as clear as a railroad track. She's spot-on about their next stages. She's encouraging and makes you feel like you're doing a great job. Next to my anesthesiologist, she was my favorite person to see when I had my babies.

However. We're not big fans of her office. It's a little creepy. For some reason, it just gives all of us the willies as soon as we walk in there. The actual rooms are fine but the waiting room can sometimes feel like a cesspool. I don't like going to the doctor because I'm scared we're going to leave sick or become more sick. But we had to go in there today because Lil' has got the "boo boos in her froat".

When we go, the kids know that there is no touching allowed anywhere or on anything. Keep your hands in your pockets. That's the rule. Today, Lil' caught my drift because the kid right next to us puked all over the place. As soon as it happened, all the mommies in the waiting room became completely frozen. If there is a krptonite for a mommy it's somebody else's kid's stomach bug. We all just kind of sat there helpless watching him and his poor mother. But just as quick it happened, we all snapped out of the puke trance and started offering tissues and shirts off the backs of our kids and "Shhhh's" and "Its ok's" and "Oh girl, I've been there's".

So the lesson was learned and now Lil' can't wait to tell Big what she saw today. If you go to the doctor, keep your hands in your pockets!

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