Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Time of My Life

Big and Lil' got in trouble today. It wasn't pretty. They were fighting again and it all ended with Lil' getting tossed across the playroom. She was crying. He was back-tracking and I had had enough. Ole' faithful got pulled out and they both got up on their tip-toes and started telling me why they didn't need a spanking. Well... it was too late.

He got it first. She got it second. They both were sent to their rooms. Big did what he always does and immediately started saying he was sorry. Lil' just got mad. She got mad and she slammed her door. Then she started yelling to me downstairs. "I'm telling Mama. I'm telling Daddy on you when he gets home from work!"

She's gonna be the death of me. She's gonna send me over the edge. She's gonna break me. She takes me from mad to laughing to back to mad in no time at all. But good Lord, I love that child. I love her guts and I love her attitude. She is a roller coaster ride and I'm having the time of my life.


  1. ha! door slamming! i love it. when ella started that, we turned her lock around in the door. she can't slam it if she can't open it. :)

  2. I love being a grandma...it's the "love X2" of it...the "looking at life in a more simple way" of it...and especially the "watching from the sidelines as another coach takes over the game" of it...

    And I love you and Daddy and Lil and Big with all of my heart...

  3. It's like looking in a mirror for you...isn't it!! Slamming doors...I know Nettie has heard a few slamming doors in her time! You are a good mommy and you are doing great!

  4. It's like looking in a mirror for you...isn't it! Slamming doors...Nettie must have heard a lot of slamming doors! You are a great mommy and doing a fantastic job with her!