Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stock in Right-Guard

I've got a secret about Big and it's too funny to forget. Perhaps he's channeling his inner-Italian. I don't know. But this much is true... That boy smells good when he goes to bed.

Since Christmas, he's started his own little ritual after he takes a shower at night. He towels himself off. Then he wraps up in the navy blue robe that he begged for and Santa brought. Then he goes to Daddy's drawer, pulls out the deodorant and goes to work. Seriously. He goes to work. By the end of it, you could catch a whiff of him outside on the street while he's tucked into bed.

It's so hard not to laugh when he's laying in bed with arms behind his head reading Star Wars books. I'm dreading the day I walk in there and he smells like that but he's reading Playboy. I know it's coming though. Guess I'll have to prepare for that but in the meantime I think I'll go buy some stock in Right Guard.


  1. Time has to stop now! JL too is a lady's man! He has been getting toys, bracelets and mardi gras beads for the girls at school.

  2. Big told me last night his daddy does about sixty strikes (with the deodorant)! He said he only did about 6! And you are right, he smells really, really good when he reads his favorite Star Wars book. More importantly, he reads so very well that smelling him only makes it that much sweeter.

  3. you're right... that time is coming. i've already busted "you know who" looking at girly magazines in the convenient store when he thought i wasn't looking!