Monday, February 15, 2010

Pure Magic

Oh Good Lord it was better than I expected! We went to see Grandma Mabel and Papa Clyde to celebrate Mabel's 80th birthday. The snow made seeing all the family even better. Watching my kids play in the snow while eating oysters with my uncles and cousins at the beach was a combination that was almost too much even for me. My head almost popped off. It started snowing Friday night. And the snow combined with this...

led to a snow-ball fight for the books between "the girls (me, Mama, Sister and Sister-n-law)" vs "the boys (Daddy, Brother and Brother-n-law)". The kids were all in bed but we played in the snow until midnight and we couldn't feel our fingers anymore. When we woke up, we saw this and it was magic. Pure magic.


  1. we are so sad that we missed this. these are times that will never come again. my heart is heavy. we miss you all so much:(

  2. Motheryogi, all of you were missed so very much. It was really as fun as these pictures show and could have only been better with you all there. Mama Rucci...there are times in my life that will never blend into anything else, the lines will never blur and the memory will remain as crystal clear as the moment they happened. Seeing my grandchildren see snow for the first time is one of them.