Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Her name sounds as sweet as she is. Why don't I call her Grandma? Sometimes I do. But I adore her name so much. Its absolutely lovely to me and I think it sums it up the best. So I call her Mabel.

She is why I love birds and necklaces with birds. She is why I love to try and root different plants. She is why I love the ocean and throwing a cast net. She is why I love satin pillowcases and Thanksgiving dressing.

She is why my Dad loves the outdoors. She is why he can be so sensible. She is patient. She is kind and thoughtful. She is creative. She is sweet. She is so sweet that God gave her to us on Valentine's Day.

And she loves her Man. No matter what. She loves all three of her boys too. And their wives. She loves their kids too. And their wives and husbands. And their kids too.

She's one of those women that a statement like this generally follows..."Never heard her say a bad word about anybody" or, "God broke the mold when he made her." She says things like, "Such ugly words out of such a pretty mouth" and "Remember, bridges ice before roads."

She just turned 80 so we had a party. We all went to the beach where she lives and we celebrated. Her friends and family who have already passed celebrated with us. I know this is true because it snowed. Her friends that have passed always send her good presents through nature. Rainbows, snowstorms, beautiful birds, long-living fish. They always know just the right gift to give.

Everyone who has ever met her, loves her still. She's truly, wonderfully, pleasantly Mabel.


  1. well put mama. what a blessing they are to our lives and so many wonderful gifts they share with each and every one of us. mabel and clyde you are my heros, my role models, and i am so thankful to walk beside you on god's green earth.

  2. Beautifully written in celebration of a beautiful life. Mabel has always reminded me of the story of the woman who threw a sea shell that was home to a sea creature back into the ocean. Her friend commented that her kind gesture made little difference since there were so many. To which she replied, "I made a difference to that one." Mabel has made a difference over the course of her years, to everyone of us, one at a time.