Friday, February 5, 2010

Escaping My Naps

Today is a sad, sad day for those of us who are "Days of Our Lives" fans. I've watched "Days" since I was little enough to still need a nap. My little brother and I would come up with any excuse to sit with Mama on the couch so that we could stay awake instead of nap from 1pm-2pm. Mama liked for us to rub her leg so we would so we could stay up.

Now looking back, I realized that Mama just needed that break for a spell and it just so happened that she coordinated that break while "Days" was on. It was during those moments that an affection for Mama Horton was born. She was the matriarch of a huge family filled with gorgeous women and smart doctors. She always gave the best advice and I know Hope is gonna miss her terribly.

Rest in peace, Alice. Thank you for helping me escape my naps.

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