Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Keep On Walking

2011 will go down for me as a page-turner. A chapter-changer. There will not be the usual fade-in, blurry, hazy change of a year this time. This time, it's different. I've felt and I can feel a shift. A change. It's like I have actually physically stepped over something in my path. The road before "It" looked one way and the road after "It" looks another. "It" isn't good, "It" isn't bad. "It" just is. I'm sure there will be another "It" for me at another time. I'm sure that I've had "Its" before but I just haven't had the clarity to recognize them like I do now.

I miss some things I started out with in 2011 that I didn't end up having at the end. Now that they are gone, I feel a little push. An urge. I recognize that everything is different now. I am different now. The world is not the same. I have stumbled upon "It" and "It" changed things.

It is true that without the bad times in life, you would never know the good. This year has shown me that I have strength, determination, the will to get up, keep going and look forward. We are healthy, we are together and when things get rough, we always, always, always have each other and that is enough. That is good enough.

No matter what the "It" is or when "It" comes, when you grab me, I'll grab you and we'll all keep on going together. This is our life. Our wonderful, full, big life and an "It" is weird but you have to keep on walking.

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  1. I love you Mama...you are the driving force of this family. Thank God, that He placed you where He did.