Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rolling Around In It

Hold on a second summer! Before you go flying out the door, there are couple of things I wanted to talk about.

I really appreciate the fact that in spite of all the work I had to do, I still managed to squeeze every last drop out of you. The day trips to Edisto, the quick trips to great grandparents, the beach days, and swimming lessons, having Miss E. come and stay at Camp She-She, fireworks in the field, the vacation in the mountains, the week in Chapin, having my besties visit, the boat trip to Beaufort, bike rides, lightning bugs, fishing, jellyfish stings, throwin' my cast net. Yes, I accomplished all that I set out to do. It was epic and I'm thankful.

There are some pictures that I want to make sure we have in the book.

And this one that has two of the kindest, sweetest people in one shot. Together on their shared special birthday. The day they were born and brightened so many other people lives. A day that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with me all at the same time.

Then the final picture of the summer. That one that sums it up. You can tell how unhappy we all were about it. His face. My lack of caring that its a terrible picture. We were all sad to see this summer roll out. But man, it was so fun rolling around in it.

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