Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Big is big.

Big is big. No doubt about it. He doesn't pee in the bed or sleep with a blanket. He takes a shower and bathes himself. He makes his own breakfast. He ties his shoes and is learning to multiply. He has chores and takes the trash out.

I miss the days when he was little and needed me for everything. He was a happy baby that never really got riled up over anything.

Now he's 8 and he doesn't need me as much. But every now and again, I'll catch a glimpse of my baby. My baby that is Big.

That baby wasn't around this weekend though when he and 6 friends went to the waterpark for his birthday. No, no. There was no denying it. My baby was big.

Even though a hurricane threatened to ruin our day, and Mother Nature gave him his first birthday gift of canceled school, we managed to get his party done. He had a blast and is on his way with his Daddy to see the Panthers vs. Greenbay Packers game in Charlotte on Sept. 18th.

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  1. Dear Luke,

    Tonight I am remembering how I felt eight years ago, the night before you were born. I was so excited, a little anxious and deliriously happy...that means I was "Crazy Nettie", even before you got here! Papa, your mama and daddy, Emily, Gus and I went to dinner at Coast that night. We were celebrating that you were almost here. It was there that your mama and daddy told Papa that you would have his name as your middle name. Oh, you should have seen his face. He was so proud and so surprised. It was a moment in time I will not ever forget.

    It was hard to sleep that night, knowing how important the next day would be. You have had my heart from the first time I saw your little face. Happy Birthday, my big boy! I love you all the way to infinity-and back!